Finding My Way Home




A Collection of Genealogies 1810 – 2003
by Martinette E. Mitchell

Finding My Way Home is a collection of genealogies (family trees) which resulted from the 19th Century marriages of 8 people from Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tennessee:

  • Mitchell Bills and Rhoda Harkins

  • Theodore Martin and Celia Brown

  • Dave Moore and Francis Oswald

  • Thomas Rivers and Louisa Napier.

They were all born into slavery in the mid 1800’s. You’ll also read about the parents and siblings of these 8 individuals. Included in this collection are copies of their original marriage licenses, Freedmen’s Labor Contracts, and some of their photographs. There are nearly 200 photographs of their descendants.

Included is a copy of the Bill of Sale of Mitchell and his mother Emeline, and excerpts from the “Diary of John Houston Bills”, their ex-slave owner. You’ll read of Emeline’s quest for freedom during the Civil War. Read the personal account of John H. Bills of how Bolivar and its residents were affected during the war. Also included is a selection of Martin family letters that were written by Theodore, Celia and their children. Journey with me to Arkansas as I discover the descendants of Theodore’s brothers, John and Joseph.

Finding My Way Home is a 6x9, hard cover book with 498 stitched pages. Reserve your copy now. A limited number of copies are available. Cost is $54.95 per copy plus $8.00 shipping/handling while quantities last.

Asbury Park Press Article

The Bulletin Times Article, Bolivar, Tennessee:
Bolivar native delves into
Hardeman County history with
new book, "Finding my way home"

Martinette Mitchell can be seen June 18, 2005 2-4pm with book signing to follow at:

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