Membership in Civitan is open to any man or woman without regard to race, creed or color, who is at least 18 years old and of good character. Every Civitan should understand and appreciate the mission of Civitan International and strive to promote the three principle goals of fellowship with one another, knowledge about the community at large, and service to our fellow man through the local Civitan club.

At club meetings Civitans hear from community, business and government leaders who provide informative and entertaining programs on the issues that affect Civitans and their families the most.

Civitans are dedicated to improving their communities through community service. On the international level, Civitan focuses on helping people with developmental disabilities. Civitan funds the Civitan International Research Center, a research and treatment facility for developmental disabilities and special needs.

On the local level, clubs are involved in a variety of fund-raising and service projects. Civitan realizes the importance of offering its members opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as the opportunity to meet new friends and develop long-lasting friendships with people who share similar interest.

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The Dayton Civitan Club has a long and memorable history.
In fact, it is one of the oldest clubs in Civitian International.

Stanley Wyllie our Pres Elect found the following interesting items:

In 1978 there were 63 members, and attendance at meetings was around 23. Over the years in question contributions were made to: Daybreak ($906 in 1983), United Cerebral Palsy ($600), Dayton Recreation Center, Board of Education Scholarship Fund, Wright State Tape Fund, Building Bridges, New Directions, Special Wish Foundation, Dr. Courtney W. Shropshire Memorial Scholarship Grant   (we had several awardees), Racing Wheel Chairs In 1981 a 60 year history was presented to each member.

Among members that gained distinction in Civitan are :

Jim Ross, Lt. Gov., Robert Copeland , Gove elect 1968, 1945-46 LeRoy D. Sauer, President Civitan International and International Gold Key recipient.

In 1986 the Dayton North Club was on the verge of collapsing. The Presidents Club sponsored a Dixieland Dinner on BB River Boats. They also had a Service Day display at Courthouse Square--highlighting each of the service clubs, with an opportunity for getting new members. The speakers covered a variety of topics: business, finance, government, travel, health and crime.

Here's a list of our club's Past Presidents:

Virgil Schaeffer Deceased 1921-22
John Ahlers Deceased 1922-23
John H. Hunt Deceased 1923-24
Judge Alfred McCray Deceased 1924-25
Edwin D. Smith Deceased 1925-26
Charlton Putnam Deceased 1926-27
Col. Sidney Guthrie Deceased 1927-28
Ed. O. Wright Deceased 1928-29
Albert H. Scharrer Deceased 1929-30
Horace E. Gray Deceased 1930-31
H. Ward Quartel Deceased 1931-32
Perley H. Kilbourne, MD Deceased 1932-33
Omar L. Cunningham Deceased 1933-34
August Brunsman Deceased 1934-35
Jay William Holmes Deceased 1935-36
Lawrence Rauh Deceased 1936-37
William P. Hollinger Deceased 1937-38
J.R. Howe Deceased 1938-39
William F. Hyers Deceased 1939-40
Charles Bennett Deceased 1940-41
LeRoy D. Sauer Deceased 1941-42
Don D. Longnecker Deceased 1942-43
W. Ray Yount Deceased 1943-44
Bishop J. Gordon Howard Deceased 1944-45
Edward J. Weiss Deceased 1945-46
Robert F. Macaulay Deceased 1946-47
Edgar Fasig Deceased 1947-48
Eugene J. Robinson Deceased 1948-49
Ralph I. Bates Deceased 1949-50
Roger W. Edmonson Deceased 1950-51
Elmer C. Loomis, MD Deceased 1951-52
A.W. Isenhart Deceased 1952-53
Joe L. Braham Deceased 1953-54
Ansel H. Wilson Deceased 1954-55
Charles D. Hall 1955-56
Homer D. Cassel, MD Deceased 1956-57
Loren Fritz Deceased 1957-58
Roy D. Miller Deceased 1958-59
Charles E. Mumma Deceased 1959-60
Norman L. Gebhart Deceased 1960-61
Graham L. Rogers 1961-62
Claude M. Willis Deceased 1962-63
William D. Case 1963-64
Herbert G. Weiler Deceased 1964-65
Earl B. George Deceased 1965-66
Clyde H. Bielstein Deceased 1966-67
Fred D. Frantz Deceased 1967-68
Lorin B. Robinson Deceased 1968-69
M. Edward Kuhns 1969-70
Preston Theall 1970-71
George E. Zimmerman 1971-72
George W. Frey 1972-73
William A. Jefferis 1973-74
Edwin E. Ehlers 1974-75
Dale A. Chandler 1975-76
Edgar L. Rapp 1976-77
George W. Curry 1977-78
Franz Rieger 1978-79
Paul Dittrick Deceased 1979-80
Kenneth Crim 1980-81
Richard Thompson Deceased 1981-82
Paul White 1982-83
Jack Rhoades 1983-84
Kenneth Rhoads 1984-85
Paul White 1985-86
Ed Buttram Deceased 1986-87
Bill Cernetic 1987-88
David Allaman Deceased 1988-89
Ray Hopper Deceased 1989-90
John Wolf 1990-92
Al Pierce 1993-94
Richard Thompson 1994-95
Daniel Barrett, Jr. 1995-96
Mary King 1996-97
Willie Fulton 1997-98
Mary King 1998-99
Willie Fulton 1999-2000
Anthony Massoud 2000-2001
Michael King   2001-2002
Anthony Massoud   2002-2003
Anthony Massoud   2003-2004
Anthony Massoud   2004-2005
Anthony Massoud   2005-2006
Anthony Massoud 2006-2007
Stanley Clark Wyllie 2007-2008
Anthony Massoud 2008-2010
Wes Ramsey - Brian Miller 2010-2011
Brian Miller 2011-2012
Michael King 2012-2013
Michael King 2013-2014
Michael King 2014-2015
Tony Antoun 2015-2016
Al Harmon 2016-2017